Air Conditioning

Switching to high-efficiency air conditioners and taking other actions to keep your home cool could reduce energy use for air conditioning by 20% to 50%. Depending on where you live, replacing your old heating and cooling equipment with ENERGY STAR-qualified equipment can cut your annual energy bill by nearly $200. (U.S. Dept of Energy) Today’s air conditioners–those made within the last 8 to 10 years–are so efficient that they don’t have to run constantly during the hottest days of summer, bringing your energy costs way down. Let us install a new whole-house air conditioning system for you!


Attic Fan Install. An attic fan helps keep your house cool in the summer by pulling cooler air inside your home while pushing hot air out. Additionally, by circulating air year-round, attic fans may help lengthen the life of your roof. Attic fans may reduce your home’s potential for ice damming in the winter (snow that melts off a roof and then re-freezes at the gutters, causing an ice dam that can damage the roof), while protecting roof shingles and removing moisture in the summer.

Programmable thermostat
Installing a programmable thermostat is a cost-effective and easy way to save on your cooling bills during the summer months. These thermostats work by automatically adjusting the temperature in your home to settings that YOU program into them. If you like your house at 72 degrees during the day and 65 degrees at night–just program it in, and never worry about it again!

H & A Heating and Air Conditioning can maintain your current air conditioning system, replace parts, or install a new system in your home with one of our top brands. Call us today–don’t let the heat stop you from enjoying your summer!

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